PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Services
TDT offers full Turn-Key Circuit Board Assembly Services. We focus on rigid PCB Assembly ,flex PCB assembly and rigid-flex PCB Assembly. Our quality driven PCB assembly process and ERP-MES system ensures that your finished project is of the highest quality. In Full Turn-Key PCBA project, we handle everything including making circuit boards, components sourcing, PCB Assembly , PCBA quality inspection,Housing Part making and final assembly.

How to get a quote for Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) Services?

1. PCB and BOM Pricing: Send your gerber file and BOM (Bill of Materials) to tiffany@tdt-ele.com , we will email you the BOM price in 1-2 days. BOM must include the quantities, reference designators, and manufacturer name and manufacturer part number.
2: Please send us the function requirements documents for pcba function test and we charge this part according to labor working time.
3: Please send us the 3D file if need housing part making.

Testing Procedures

Various testing method will be applied to the assembled boards before the final shipment:

· Visual inspection: general quality check.
· X-ray Inspection: checks for BGAs, QFN and bare circuit boards.
· AOI Testing: checks for solder paste, 0201 components, missing components and polarity.
· ICT (In-Circuit Test).
  Functional test (Following your test procedures).

IATF 16949 Certification
TDT's production facilities are IATF16949 certified to ensure we go beyond your expectations.

PCB Assembly  Capacity
Type of AssemblyTHD (Thru-Hole Device), SMT (Surface-Mount Technology), SMT & THD mixed, Double-sided SMT and THD assembly.
Solder TypeWater Soluble Solder Paste, Leaded process and Lead-Free (RoHS)
ComponentsPassives parts, smallest size 01005
BGA, uBGA, QFN, POP, and Leadless chips
Fine Pitch to 0.8Mils;
BGA Repair and Reball; Part Removal and Replacement
Connectors and terminals
Bare Board SizeSmallest:0.25’’x 0.25’’ (6.35mm x 6.35mm)
Largest: 21.02’’ x 20.07’’ (534mm x 510mm)
Min. IC Pitch0.012’’ (0.3mm)
QFN Lead Pitch0.012’’ (0.3mm)
Max. BGA size2.90’’ x 2.90’’ (74mm x 74mm)
Min. BGA size0.012’’ (0.3mm)
Type of ServiceTurn-key, partial turn-key or consignment
TestingX-ray Inspection
AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
ICT (In-Circuit Test)/Functional Testing
Turnaround TimeSame day service to 15 days service
Component packagingReels, cut tape, Tube and tray, Loose parts and bulk
Without compromising on quality is core principle here at TDT. In addition to our various testing methods, such as multi-stage Visual Inspection, X-Ray Inspection, AOI Testing, ICT (In-Circuit Testing), and FCT (Functional Circuit Testing), we also provide independent verification at the very beginning of the PCB Assembly Process, during a stage that is known as the DFM Check. This article will give a brief explanation of the DFM Check’s purpose and general procedure, with the aim of allowing our clients more control over the efficiency of their projects by keeping our methods in order during the design phase of a project. For a comprehensive account of DFA Checking, along with all of our relevant tolerances and guidelines, please see our DFA Guidelines document.

As soon your order is placed withTDT, the first stage of production is for both DFM Checking and DFA Checking to begin. The DFA Check process continues throughout our process since our Parts Procurement service occurs concurrently with PCB Fabrication. Our highly trained Quality Assurance engineering team will raise any potential issues that they notice during any stage of DFM or DFA Checking with you immediately so that a resolution can be resolved as soon as possible. The main categories included in our DFA Check process are:

• Footprint vs. Land Pattern comparison
• Reference Designator cross-check between the BOM (Bill of Materials) and Centroid files
• General Silkscreen Clarity
• Rotation data consistency (Zero Orientation check)
• Incoming Material Inspection for electronic components
• Design placements satisfy Minimum Part Spacing rules
• Any other concern or Ambiguity in PCB Design