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This is the most important benefit of your long term relationship with us. After learning your specific needs, with the Shenzhen strong supply chain support ,we will quickly work out a solution to meet your expenses and cost reduction targets. They may be achieved by providing lower cost PCB, PCB assembly or by our reengineering or designing services to meet your expectations.

Because we are capable of handling DFM analysis, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and components  sourcing under one roof, which can avoid mistake before manufacturing .

We save your time transition from one phase of a project to another. For instance, from layout-to-fab, fab-to-assembly, parts procurement-to-assembly. We’re capable of handling everything in one streamlined process, all services under one roof, so you get the benefit of working with us by one time line versus 3 or 4 companies and 3 or 4 time lines.

We react quickly to your changing needs. Our working time and style is flexible to meet your variable needs. To us, Dedication to the highest level of customer service is our main mission.

You can rely on us to handle all aspects of your printed circuit assembly projects. We are able to handle your pcb layout, circuit board fabrication, pcb assembly , parts sourcing and final assembly , so you can focus on your core competencies like research ,development  and marketing.  

As a Turn-Key PCBA manufacturing factory, we can provide the best prototype and low-to-mid volume PCB fabrication and assembly services for our customers

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SMT Workshop

DIP Workshop

Constant Temperature and Humidity Workshop

About Us

 Shenzhen Tianditong Electronics Co., Ltd (tdt-ele) is established in 2004 and has four plants in China together , which mainly provide pcb fabrication, components sourcing and pcb assembly service for customers from all over the world.

Tdt-ele  have about 400 workers with 36 State-of-the-Art production lines and 10000 Square meters workshop and focus on one-stop PCBA manufacturing.

Tdt-ele  are an IATF16949 ,ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485 certified factory which can provide PCBA manufacturing services to the Automotive Electronics, Medical Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Communications, and Smart Home control industries, and demanding industrial customers.

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