In business since 2004, TDT mainly provide pcb fabrication, components sourcing and pcb assembly service for customers from all over the world. In 2018 , we got “ National High-tech Enterprises” honor.

As a Turn-Key PCB assembly factory , we can provide prototype and low-to-mid volume PCB fabrication and assembly services for our customers. We are in Shenzhen,China, which is the largest center of technology and electronics manufacturing in the world ,cooperating with our Engineering team , Components Procurement Team, Quality team , as well as our 12 State-of-the-Art SMT lines, which allow us to offer our customers low-cost, One-stop PCB Assembly Services, including PCB fabrication, components procurement , PCB Assembly ,Housing part making and final assembly service .

As IATF16949 verified circuit board assembly factory, we will provide DFM Analysis for your every order , This is an ideal service for PCBA prototyping, as well as low volume and medium volume production runs. We verify all details of your files, including BOM (Bill of Materials) and Gerber files, to allow you to correct your PCB design before manufacturing, saving significant time and cost, and avoiding unnecessary repeats of the prototyping assembly process. We also provide rapid response to BOM pricing queries with a complete listing of checked items. We purchase the parts only from major and verified distributors and from your authorized vendors. We are also capable of sourcing Hard-to-Find and Obsolete Electronic Components.

We use ERP and MES system , which can protect all your project files and also control all the parts quality from the beginning to the end . As a PCBA manufacturer, we have complete and mature tracking system by the two systems , which can solve the problems quickly , avoid mistake next time and also guarantees on-time delivery of quick turn printed circuit board assemblies. The electronic components are always purchased while the PCBs are being manufactured in order to expedite the entire production process.

Why Choose Us

PCBA manufacturing with 16 years experience
Cost Reduction
This is the most important benefit of your long term relationship with us. After learning your specific needs, with the Shenzhen strong supply chain support ,we will quickly work out a solution to meet your expenses and cost reduction targets. They may be achieved by providing lower cost PCB, PCB assembly or by our reengineering or designing services to meet your expectations.
DFM Analysis
Because we are capable of handling DFM analysis, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and components sourcing under one roof, which can avoid mistake before manufacturing.
Saving Your Time
We save your time transition from one phase of a project to another. For instance, from layout-to-fab, fab-to-assembly, parts procurement-to-assembly. We're capable of handling everything in one streamlined process, all services under one roof, so you get the benefit of working with us by one time line versus 3 or 4 companies and 3 or 4 time lines.
We react quickly to your changing needs. Our working time and style is flexible to meet your variable needs. To us, Dedication to the highest level of customer service is our main mission.
You Can Focus On Your Design and Market
You can rely on us to handle all aspects of your printed circuit assembly projects. We are able to handle your pcb layout, circuit board fabrication, pcb assembly , parts sourcing and final assembly , so you can focus on your core competencies like research ,development and marketing.

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Dedication to the highest level of customer service is our main mission.

Highest quality

Our commitment to customer service defines who we are. As a world-class electronic manufacturing company, our goal is to develop a long-term partnership with every customer we serve.

Knowing our customers allows us to consistently exceed their expectations, and this excellence is the foundation on which this company was built.

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