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We continue to improve our quality and customer experience to satisfy customers from Automotive Electronics ,Consumer Electronics,Industrial Control, Communications/IOT/AI, Medical Instruments and Smart Home filed

Automotive Electronics
PCBA Manufacturing Services for AutomotiveElectronics

The automotive industry has very high requirements in terms of operations and processes, quality and on time deliveries. As IATF16949 certified factory , we can provide printed circuit board assembly manufaturing service for automotive electronics

Consumer Electronics
PCBA Manufacturing Services for Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics, from audio products to wearables, gaming or even virtual reality, are all getting more and more connected. The digital world we live in requires a high level of connectivity and advanced electronics and capabilities, even for the simplest of the products, empowering users worldwide.

We delivers high end pcba manufacturing solutions for consumer electronics, from engineering and prototyping, to mass production .

Industrial Control
PCBA Manufacturing Services for Industrial

Industrial applications consist of various technologies applied to numerous industries. From printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to full product assembly and manufacturing, Our almost 20 years experience can be expert in electronic manufacturing solutions.

Communications Product PCBA

PCBA are a critical part of the Communications/IOT/AI industry. They’re necessary for consumer devices such as smartphones . We have the technical expertise to tailor durable printed circuit boards for various applications. We provide integrated solutions from engineering support to production and complete system assembly.

Medical Instruments
PCBA Manufacturing Services for Medical

tdt-ele ’s ISO13485 certification allows us to continue to support the fast-growing medical device market. Our experienced team will work with you early on to mitigate risk, and comply with all FDA requirements. We can provide you with a full turnkey scalable solution to your medical device needs.

Smart Home
PCBA Manufacturing Services for Smart Home

Your fridge is talking to your phone, while the lights are being turned off based on your habits and the window shades taking care of themselves. The smart everything and connected devices era have facilitated lots of tasks we previously had to take care of, ourselves. With expertise in telecommunication protocols making the “everything smart” possible, we make the connected world a reality, daily.

Our engineering and manufacturing services experience in telecommunication makes us the best pcba partner for your smart home products.